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How to register a domain name, buy web hosting, install Wordpress and launch a web site using 30 minutes of your time!!


wordpress web hostingWordpress is the most popular software used to create a dynamic web site.
Is used for most blog sites but for other types of sites as well.
Propably 9 out of 10 blog sites are built using wordpress.

So we ask you. How would you like to create, design and launch your own WordPress blog in 30 minutes of your time? Think is impossible. We at giganetwebhosting make the impossible possible! We’ll cover everything from buying a domain name and hosting to installing WordPress and finding a visual design for the site.

Ok lets start. Simple and easy we start with a domain name and a web hosting plan from giganetwebhosting.com.


Register your domain name and buy web hosting space.

Pick a domain. Think what your domain name will be.

Ideally, your domain name should be:

  • Not too long
  • Easy to remember
  • Easily spelled based on how it sounds
  • A .com .net or .org (Google likes these better)
  • Something unique

OK you figure out what you want. Lets start and register your new domain name and then buy a web hosting plan, only in 3 minutes!

You could buy web hosting as low as $2.50/month and install wordpress. We have special wordpress hosting plans. We install your wordpress for you or transfer your site from another provider for FREE! We also have managed wordpress plans, Secure, Fast, Reliable. Proceed with your web hosting and domain name order, it is an easy and fast process.

After you’ve finished checking out and paying… Congratulations! You now own a domain name and Web Hosting.

You will get your web space instructions in a few minutes but the domain you registered needs 12-24 hours to be visible on the internet so you finished for today. Enjoy the rest of your evening. You worked 3-5 minutes with your computer and you now own your domain name and web hosting space.

Click Here To start with registering your domain name and buy web hosting space.

Tomorrow, we 'll make your website a reality.


Install, design and configure your Wordpress website

With our Wordpress hosting plans we do the first 2 following steps for you.

What a great day today you make your web site live for the first time.

So lets start. First you need to install wordpress in your web hosting space, so open your web hosting instructions you got from us and read your username and password and click the link to your control panel. We use cpanel the best control panel and Softaculous the best 1 click auto installer.

First we login to cpanel using the username and password we got and find softaculous. View the following tutorial on how you do that in 1 minute!

Video: Wordpress web hosting. Find Softaculous in cpanel. Giganetwebhosting.com

So you are 1 click away from installing wordpress. View the following tutorial on how to install Wordpress in 1 minute with 1 click!!

Video: Wordpress web hosting. Installing wordpress with 1 click! Giganetwebhosting.com

You installed wordpress and now is time to make your site look beautiful. You will log to your wordpress site for the first time and choose a look and feel for your website. You need to select your site appearance from 1000's of free themes. Let's do it ! View how to select install and activate a theme for your new web site. Easy and free in 4 minutes!! Wordpress web hosting made easy with giganetwebhosting.com

Video: Wordpress web hosting. Configure your wordpress site appearance in 4 minutes!


Now it’s time to do some setup, because you probably don’t want your blog’s title and headline to be My Blog, Just Another WordPress Blog… So what we will do on the next video tutorial is to change your site settings. Lets do the full setup of your site in 4 minutes!

Video: Wordpress web hosting. Your wordpress site settings in 4 minutes.



Done! You have your site live, you have your site design and you made the basic settings with your main information. You could start add content to your site or blog.

We have some more tutorials for you to help you understand the wordpress dashboard and teach you to use it.
But now your site is live. You have what we promised a wordpress site starting from zero in 30 minutes of your time!

*Anytime money back.

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